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These are recent images of my Beetle photographed in front of our house.

Please CLICK thumbnails for bigger images. 

Front left profile

Closer front left.

Sitting proud against the national and state flag; not to mention the breathtaking backgroud.


Closer look at front right.

Left side profile. Tail light is not what it is suppose to be but I have a complete original set in hand.

Waiting desperately to be lowered.

Straight in front. The Beetle didn't tilt, the cameraman did.

The right side, ready to head for the front entrance.

The inside from the driver's side; air-cond blower tucked under the dash.

Inside from passenger's side. Any offer for the EMPI gear knob. That one does not seems right...

Safely garaged with the rest. (Is that the new Mini Cooper S? Nah....................................... )

A warning sign.